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Phila Board of Elections Sends Illegal Certificates

Philadelphia, PA - Today, the City of Philadelphia's Board of Elections sent Certifications of Election before the end of the five-day challenge period required by the State Election Code. The five days start with the official completion of the vote-count, which must happen at a public meeting and must include......(Read More)

Yes We Can videotape public meetings

I thought it was obvious that people have the right to videotape public meetings of elected officials. But my colleagues at the City Commissioners actually passed a motion to remove a videographer from a recent public hearing. They actually directed an employee to remove the person and her camera. Apparently......(Read More)

The Story of Thelma Rhoe

I’d like to tell you the story of Thelma Rhoe of North Philadelphia. Like thousands of Philadelphians, Thelma Rhoe is ready give back to her neighborhood and honor American democracy. In early 2013 ten of her neighbors signed a petition to place her on the ballot in the spring primary......(Read More)

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